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2nd year Fantasy Football

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Hello all!

I have an ESPN league that is in it's second year. Last year I had twenty teams in my league and I'm looking to refill it with returning players mostly but I understand that not everyone will.

So I'm looking for some guys that would be interested in inheriting a team and playing it. The league is a keeper league and the draft will be on September 1st at 7pm. If you can't make the draft and are not comfortable letting the computer draft for you then please do not enter.

The league is traditional scoring with the exception of returners on special teams. You get points for that and I feel it is needed. When you have a league with 20 active players in it I like the idea of having the ability to get points from places other than the traditional offense and defense.

I'm looking for serious football guys that are interested in being competitive and a little trashtalking is encouraged.

Haven't decided if there is going to be a cash prize again this year but there very well could be. Last year it was $50 and if I do it again it will either be $50 or $100.

If you are interested in inheriting a team and building it up then please e-mail me at coryb78@yahoo.com or pm me here on the boards.

Just so you know there are no weak teams and from what I can tell everyone should have a pretty good shot at being competitive.

I plan on giving those that I contact me 1st the 1st choice of selecting which team they want and I also hope to set the draft order in inverse order according to the standings from last season.

The good part about this is those teams that finished last actually did so because they had owners that didn't play the teams so you can start off with a good team and add to it.

Serious guys only please and I look forward to meeting you!

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So far I have only heard back form about 8 of the 20 teams so far but it's only been 1 day. I should be able to find room for anyone who is serious about playing so just give him my e-mail address which is coryb78@yahoo.com and I should be able to find him a team.

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