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who cares?

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looking at our schedule we should be able to go anywhere between 6-10 and 8-8 which is a vast improvement from last year and considering our team was built around one man (ykw) and he is now gone, a rebuild like that can take many years and we are off to a great start. alot of people slam our oline, but the right side from C-RT has been together for years now and with blalock another year under his belt, our oline wont be as bad as people think. plus with the addition of blocking TE's we will basically be running a six man OL plus THE BEST blocking full back in the league! with a coach who knows how to win in the NFL you will see a vast improvement over the VAGINO regime.

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I do!!

I heard some X-PERTS say we will only win 1- 3 games.

I say @#%$&^* to you!!!

they don't KNOW nothing!!!

we'll go 8-8 the easy way.....maybe better!

1 game at a time.

fan from the NOBIS DAYS!

EXPERTS??? Did you say EXPERTS????

Don't know if it's true or not, but the following is alleged to have been said recently to several job candidates at the AJC:

"......Our experts describe you as appallingly dull, timid, unimaginative, lacking in initiative, spineless, easily dominated, tedious, irrepressibly drab, and completely without a sense of humor. In most professions these would be considerable drawbacks; however if you were to consider a career as an AJC sports reporter, they would make you a star...." :lol:

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