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What i like about this team

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the youth is incredble, granted we have some veteran leaders like milloy, abe , brooking. but we are building are defense with speed like the bucs did in the early 2000's. Houston runs a 4.32, Irons runs a 4.4, Grimes runs a 4.4, chevis is a little slower but a huge ballhawk perfect for the cover 2, decoud is a fast free safety, stone can jump over a car (i can show you the vid). our outside linebackers are extremely fast i.e. the bucs mold- nicholas, boley, james, and maybe beirman sometimes (but id prefer him as a RDE behind abe). i even saw abe run with a running back stride for stride last year. SPEED!!!!!!!! on offense dont even get me started Norwood would break the stop clock (4.33), turner is in the 4.4 range with power to spare, so are roddy(4.40), robinson(4.37), douglas (4.38), if only we still had vick(4.39) and rossum(4.4) the dome would be absolutely schotched. oh and i forgot jennings but i believe he runs under a 4.4. i know speed doesnt mean everything but with the defense having to stack the box to fight off turner and norwood can break out wide and have a lot of room to run and you saw what the 4.3 speed can do in open space...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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