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Falcons season review

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Roddy White was the most impressive player that the coaches saw in camp.

Overall, they didn't say anything that we have not said on the message boards. They said that the expectations are not very high and that the organization has a lot of growing to do.

I believe this a perfect position for us. I think we can sneak up on a lot of team this year. I still think we will be a below .500 team but I don't think we will only win 1-2 games.

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Does Wyche watch the Falcons?

He said, "Brett Grimes" and he said that Roddy is the, "under the radar" guy?

I also loved how they showed Michael Jenkins when they were talking about Roddy.

Wyche said that the idea is to have Turner help move the pile which is needed with our poor offensive line and hopefully Turner will draw more defenders into the box so that we can throw over the top.

Wyche also said that Ryan, "hasn't done anything to hurt his chances of starting week 1 with the open competition and if he's not out there week 1 expect him out there during the 08 season at some time."

Here's the best part he says that Ryan ended yesterdays practice with an 80 yard two minute type drive with a touchdown to Roddy White. I like it.

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