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History Question

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What is the first cassette tape you remember owning? Im ashamed to say the first one i remember having is Weird Al in 3-D. I used to jam out to I lost on Jeopardy. The first two I actually went and picked out myself were Iron Maiden Killers and Aerosmith Done With Mirrors. Anybody else old enough to have a cassette collection?

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I want to say it was an audio adaptation of "The Empire Strikes Back" that came with a storybook when I was about five years old.

As for music, I recall that it was something glam, but can't recall exactly what.

The first I ever bought with my own money was UB40's "Labour of Love". Some good cuts on there.


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I'm PRETTY sure it was


I had a **** of a lot of vinyl LPs (some of you might know what that was ;) and never went anywhere, so no reason to buy a casette until the late 70s.

I still own a lot of vinyl and buy way more of them than any other media.

I want to get one of those USB turntables. I have a regular one for now that works fine, tho.

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I cannot remember the first cassette I owned, but I do remember making my own compilation tapes on 8 track.

Oh,man. Can you remember those floor model sound systems? You know, the ones with the turntables, 8-track, the huge speakers and the fold-down top?

I had an older cousin who wouldn't leave his room all day playing music on that thing and if you touched it, he'd kill you.

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