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Metal Gear Solid 4 For Sale or

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I bought the 80 gig MGS package for the PS3 and not that particular game. I wanted the 80 gig so that's why I bought it. I have no use for the game, as first person shooters aren't my type of game. So, I'm wanting to sell or trade the game. I need a Dual Shock3 controller, new or used because of my tendancy to throw things when I get mad at the game (I've already trashed one since owning this a week). So, for those looking to get this game, you have an opportunity to get it cheaper than retail. Make me an offer, whether cash or for a trade. If I get a reasonable one, we'll make a deal.

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I don't get into those games, I could care less about them. I bought the PS3 for 2 things, BluRay and Sports games. I'll occasionally play Rock Band or Guitar Hero on it, but for the majority of the time it'll be a sports game or movie in there. If Final Fantasy is worth a damned, I'll play it to take me back to my roots... I wished they'd just redo FFVII for this console with the same story, same everything, just updated graphics.

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