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What do yall think about making an offer for John Lynch if he decides not to retire? He brings a veteran presence, hard hitting and big play threat. He may be older but I think he can still ball.

We already have one veteran presence at safety and he's not what he used to be.

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I don't really see the point. We seem to be okay at safety. Coleman is an experienced player who has looked good so far, and Milloy will be fine for now. The weaker spots in the secondary are the corners, so bringing in an old safety isn't really gonna help anything.

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Im with this guy. WHY?

I think we might be the only MB who has fans that are willing to give every old big name or recently cut guy a shot. Everytime someone gets cut some fan is like, lets bring him in. I mean for Christ sake some even want to bring J. Williams at 235lbs back to play CB? :wacko:

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