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Great Q&A with UGA on espn insider.


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Chat with Georgia head coach Mark Richt.

Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, Georgia head football coach Mark Richt will stop by to take your questions about the upcoming season.

Richt joined the Bulldogs in 2001 where he has since compiled a 72-19 record, having won 10 or more games five times. Richt made an impact right away at Georgia, winning back-to-back SEC East titles in 2002 and 2003. He won the SEC championship game in 2002, finishing the season 13-1 and ranked No. 3 in the country.

Last season, Georgia finished 11-2, with another SEC East title - his fourth. The Bulldogs defeated Hawaii 41-10 in the Sugar Bowl and finished No. 2 in the AP poll.

Prior to coming to Georgia, Richt spent 10 years as the offensive coordinator at Florida State where he helped lead the team to five national championship games and two titles.

Send in your questions now and join Richt at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Coach is going to be here in about 15 minutes. Keep sending in your questions!

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Looks like coach is coming over!

Jeff (Valdosta, GA): Hey Coach! Go Dawgs! What was it like in Iraq with the troops?

SportsNation Mark Richt: The decision to go ther was based on wanting to go there to cheer up the troops or motivate the tropps. The oposite happened. They did nothing but firre me up. They asked me to come back with this message - 1) they love their country and they believe that freedom isn't free 2) they believe in their mission. That's what they wanted me to tell the Georgia football team and the rest of the country.

Jordan (Athens, GA): How are you trying to keep the team focused with all the preseason hype?

SportsNation Mark Richt: We focus much more on the process of getting to where we want to go rather than where we're going. What I mean is that we have to focus every day on what we need to get better. When you work really hard, it's hard to surrender.

Gabriel Colon (Indialantic, Fla.): SEC teams seem to be filling their schedules with tough nonconference games such as Cal/Tennessee, Florida State/Alabama, LSU/Virginia Tech, Clemson/Alabama, and Florida/Miami. With the exception of this year's game at Arizona State, do you see Georgia playing stronger opponents from the other BCS conferences in the future?

SportsNation Mark Richt: When we added the 12th game, we decided as an administraion and myself to add a BCS conference team outside of the southeast region. We'll continue to do that.

Ross (New York, NY): Coach - What kind of impact do you think Caleb King will have on the running game this year behind Knowshon?

SportsNation Mark Richt: It's obvious that Knowshon is our No. 1 back and he'll get the majority of the carries. King is the man with the most experienced, even though he's a redshirt freshman. He'll start camp as our No. 2 man and 27 practices later we'll know who our No. 2 man is.

Les Miles, Baton Rouge, LA: Coach, you do realize that you're playing for 2nd in the SEC behind us, right?

SportsNation Mark Richt: Let me just say that I hope we get to play twice this year.

Matt (Baltimore, MD): How much time do you expect the starters to get in the first 2 games as you prepare of the SEC schedule. Are injuries a concern?

SportsNation Mark Richt: Our goal No. 1 is to try to win the ball game. We'll play the best we have as long as we need to to secure the victory. Our goal is to play a lot of players all throughout the game just so we can keep our starters fresh and healhty. A lot of young men have earned the right to play.

Turner, Athens, GA: Coach, Is AJ Greene going to live up to all that I've read about him?

SportsNation Mark Richt: I've not been able to see AJ Greene practice with our players this summer, the rules don't allow us to. But what I hear from our veteran players is that he's a special talent. He seems to be highly motivated to learn what to do. We're definitely going to give him a chance to show what he's got.

Josh (Atlanta): Coach, any chance we see the black jerseys again sometime this season?

SportsNation Mark Richt: The black jerseys are in Athens and I'm just not sure when we're going to wear them. But we will wear them this year.

SportsNation Mark Richt: Any suggestions when you'd like us to wear them?

Jack (Paducah, KY): Coach, Does the University have a plan to introduce the new UGA?

SportsNation Mark Richt: The plan for UGA VII's debut is for the very first ball game against Georgia Southern. I'm not sure if I'll meet him before them. But I'm looking forward to it.

Rob, Dallas, TX: Black jerseys for Tenn or FL!

Akhil (Atlanta, GA): Wear the Black Jerseys for the GT game!

Mike (Naples, FL): Against Florida!!!!

John (Marietta, GA): Coach Richt - Do you offensive success this season riding on the arm of Stafford or the legs of Moreno and King?

SportsNation Mark Richt: I don't think there's any question the combination of those two players are going to help us be as balanced an offensive football team as we can be. That's what you hope for. The ability to run the ball well enough if people are trying to stop the passing game and being able to pass well enough if they're trying to stop Knowshon.

Justin Higginbotham: Do you beleive we will be able to put another whoppin on Florida?I sure hope so i beleive we can.I really love my Dawgs.

SportsNation Mark Richt: My goal is that when we go to Jacksonville, that it's going to be a very meaningful game on a national level. I know it's always a very meaningful game for the Bulldog nation, but hopefully everyone in the country will be on the edge of their seat.

Joshua (Atlanta, GA): Coach Richt, We all know how you and the coaching staff are handling all of the preseason expections, but how is the the younger kids on the team approaching entering the season as the possible #1 team??. Any word on how A.J. Green is looking during summer drills? Thanks Coach. GOO DAWGS.

SportsNation Mark Richt: I'm not sure how the young guys are handling it, but I'm more concerned how our leadership is handling it. The rest of the team will follow suit as well.

Jonathan Vernon, AL: Coach Richt, how do you plan on keeping your boys motivated this season with such a tough schedule you guys have?

SportsNation Mark Richt: Any time you play a team that's good enough to beat you, that gets everyone's attention. Preseason rankings, reading about teams in the newspaper is important, but the most important thing is when you turn on the film of your opponent, it tells the tale of how good they are. When you see great players and great teams on film, that gets our attention. Keeps us motivated.

John (Jesup, Ga): Coach, whats the latest on the fullback and kick returning positions?

SportsNation Mark Richt: Two very good questions. As far as our fullback position Shaun Chapas will be our No. 1 fullback. While Brannon Southerland recovers from his foot surgery. We have moved two LBs to fullback, one being Benjamin Boyd and the other Justin Fields. Just to make sure that Shaun doesn't take too much punishment during the preseason and early in our regular season.

SportsNation Mark Richt: As far as kick returner, we really are not certain at all as to who will be returning punts or kicks. Asher Allen has done both, and we will probably limit his returning to either punt or kick return. Ramarcus Brown has done a great job as a kick returner and he's the No. 1 candidate now at that position. There's a lot of young talent that's out there that will be vying for the chance to return punts and kicks for us.

Susan, Americus, GA: Coach, how is your son, Jon, adapting to life at Clemson?

SportsNation Mark Richt: Once he got his roommates this summer, I didn't hear from him until he ran out of money in the middle of the month.

stroman (Tallahassee, fl): Whats been the key to making ur young o line so good so quickly

SportsNation Mark Richt: I think it's been a combination of talented young men. Stacey Searles, our offensive line coach and Mike Bobo's ability to break them in with some smoke and mirrors until they grew up enough to start blocking somebody.

Daniel: How much longer do you forsee Bobby Bowden coaching at FSU?

SportsNation Mark Richt: As long as he wants to.

Will, Charlotte, NC: How excited are you about the opportunity to play against Arizona State? How will such a long trip affect the team?

SportsNation Mark Richt: We are excited to go across the country to play Arizona State. But we are concerned about what kind of toll it might take on us.

Vic - Athens, GA: Are we going to use a 2 quarterback system this year?

SportsNation Mark Richt: It's highly doubtful. I do hope that Joe Cox gets to play a good bit, because he deserves it, but I don't see any type of predetermined rotation.

greg (ft. worth): coach, do you believe we should keep the SEC championship, or crown the team who is the 'hottest' at the end

SportsNation Mark Richt: I don't think there's any question that we need to keep the SEC championship game. Playing in that game and winning it stands alone as the second greatest achievement that you can have in college football next to winning the national championship. If you win the SEC, you've done something special.

Jeff (Redondo Beach, CA): What is the biggest key to this season Coach? Constant focus?

SportsNation Mark Richt: I think that and staying healthy. Hopefully building on any momentum we cna produce early in the year.

geoff, jacksonville FL: Coach, is it safe to say that whomever wins the SEC championship is probably the real National Champion?

SportsNation Mark Richt: I think you have a pretty good case, if you win the SEC to claim that you might be the best team in the country. But unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

SportsNation Mark Richt: I just want to tell the Bulldog faithful that I'm very thankful for their enthusiasm and passion for this team. I expect our Dawg Walk and our home crowds to be the most disruptive to our opponents in the country.

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