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Schedule for the Birds this year


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Has anyone noticed that the Falcons last game against a cold weather team away is the Eagles on October 26th. Other then that we have 4 away games in the last 9 and all of them are either dome (Minnesota) or in warm climate cities ( California or New Orleans.) It just struck me. What are the chances of that happening again? But then again we need all the help we can get.

Sep 7 Detroit 1:00pm

Sep 14 @Tampa Bay 4:05pm

Sep 21 Kansas City 1:00pm

Sep 28 @Carolina 1:00pm

Oct 5 @Green Bay 1:00pm

Oct 12 Chicago 1:00pm

Week 7 BYE

Oct 26 @Philadelphia 1:00pm

Nov 2 @Oakland 4:15pm

Nov 9 New Orleans 1:00pm

Nov 16 Denver 1:00pm

Nov 23 Carolina 1:00pm

Nov 30 @San Diego 4:05pm

Dec 7 @New Orleans 1:00pm

Dec 14 Tampa Bay 1:00pm

Dec 21 @Minnesota 1:00pm

Dec 28 St. Louis 1:00pm

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I remember this was an excuse for most Falcon fans to say why we will win 9 games. The fact that 90% of our games were either in a dome or warm climate.

Didn't really help.

Climate or not, these are MEN, if snow scares you, then go live in Hollywood.

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