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Best Camp Performance?

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Unfortunately I live all the way up in NY and there is no way I can make it down to Flowery Branch to see the guys at camp. Can someone whose been to camp tell me who they were pleasantly surprised by? Who did you expect to be sub-par but out performed your expectations? Who stands out?

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Everytime I read a blog on here it always mentions these words "touchdown to Roddy White"

****, you read my mind!!!!

Everytime I come on here, somebody's thrown yet another touchdown to White...

This from J. Mike's Blog...

Ryan Gets Chance with First Team

Posted by J. Michael Moore, Today, 03:36 PM

Quarterback Matt Ryan ran with the first team offense for part of Wednesday's practice and led the group to a late touchdown.

Head Coach Mike Smith said the practice schedule allows for multiple quarterbacks to work with the first string during Russell Falcons Training Camp.

Wednesday was Ryan's day.

And he took advantage.

The third-overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft needed just three plays during the final team period before he found Roddy White deep down the left side for a touchdown. He also led the offense in a goal line setting and pushed the team out from its own 3yard line.

In a two-minute drill, Ryan found White again for a touchdown. The play, which was the last of Wednesday's practice was highlight worthy for White, who plucked the ball from the air after it bounced off Chris Houston's helmet.

"We want to make sure guys are getting in different situations and I think you guys saw how we did it today," Smith said. "Chris (Redman) started one period, the next period was Joey (Harrington) and then it was Matt."

Ryan showed command of the pocket and made several types of throws. He even scrambled up the middle of the field for a few yards during the two-minute drill. He also demostrated a particularly strong connection with White.

"I'm starting to get a better feel with those guys," the rookie said of his receivers. "There's a number of guys I'm starting to get a good feel with. That's the beauty of camp..."

Smith said the team isn't close to making decisions about the quarterback competition.

"I don't know there's a set time in terms of what we're going to do as far as making a decision," the coach said. "I think the time frame can move and change based on how the players perform. We want to give everyone an opportunity to go out there and compete."

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