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Steve Phillips from ESPN on the Texeria trade


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Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, ESPN MLB analyst Steve Phillips will drop by to take any baseball-related questions you may have.

The former general manager of the New York Mets guided the team to the World Series in 2000, working his way through the organization with which he played as a minor-leaguer. Now a fixture of ESPN's baseball coverage, Phillips offers a front-office perspective on the players and stories making news.

Send in your questions now and join Steve for the answers on Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET.

Phillips Archive: Chats | Columns

Buzzmaster: Steve will be here shortly, everyone!

Steve Phillips: C.C. Sabathia, Rich Harden, and now Mark Teixeira have all been dealt. Still some relievers to be had, and it will be interesting to see what happens over the next day and a half. What's on everyone's mind?


Jon (Philly): Do you think Manny will be traded before Thursday's Trade deadline and where will he go?

Steve Phillips: I'll be very surprised if he gets traded. I understand the frustration he brings with his antics, but I just don't see a trade that makes the Red Sox better than or equal to what they are now, in a pure baseball sense. There's a lot of talking that there is a fit in Philadelphia, but I don't see it. Pat Burrell is a pretty good offensive player. Manny Ramirez is a Hall of Famer. When the dust settles, Manny should and will still be with the Red Sox.


Shane (Lewiston, ID): In the Teixeira deal, did the Braves get enough? I would like to have see a couple pitching prospects in the deal, rather then the one.

Steve Phillips: I think the Braves did a great job with that trade. If you're going to move a first baseman, you'll want to bring a productive offensive bat in return. I like Kotchman and think he will get better. The Braves didn't have as many trading options with Teixeira as people think. Most contending teams already have a first baseman. Even if if they were willing to trade their first baseman for Teixeira, it wasn't a good fit. I wouldn't have made this trade were I the Angels. It seems clear that, no matter what, they will go to the playoffs as they're running away with the AL West. Kotchman led the team in RBIs, and who many think was their first-half MVP. Teixeira is better than Kotchman, but next year, if the Angels don't sign Teixeira, they will be left without a 1B. If they do sign him to the 8-year, $184 million contract he's looking for, they will not be able to afford K-Rod, possibly Guerrero, and possibly Lackey.

Steve Phillips: Kotchman was only making $1.45 million, and would likely only make $5-7 million. This was a short-sighted deal.


Marc (Newark): What's your opinion on the Nady/Marte trade? I see it as a win for both teams; the Buccos upgraded their pitching and added an elite prospect and the Yankees added the right-handed bat a lefty specialist.

Steve Phillips: I think the deal is a very good one for the Yankees. They had been struggling against lefty starters, and Nady should improve that. Marte is a welcome addition to the Yankee bullpen, which is really starting to come around. They needed a lefty, and Marte is a weapon that gets both lefties and righties out. It also took away the pressure of Jorge Posada trying to be a DH and rehab his shoulder at the same time. This trade makes the Yankees better this year and next year, as it ensures Posada's health for the beginning of 2009.

Steve Phillips: From the Pirates' perspective, I'm surprised they coupled Nady and Marte together. I feel they could have gotten more by trading them seperately. Jose Tabata is a talented young outfielder whom the Yankees refused to put in the deal straight-up for Alfonso Soriano.But Tabata has more suspensions (5) than home runs (3). So there are issues. As far as the pitching the Pirates got, we've seen Jeff Karstens perform at the major league level. He is a No. 5 starter or middle reliever-type. I would have to say that I favor the deal in a significant way for the Yankees.


Tom (Washington, DC): Is Washburn looking like the guy the Yankees will get or are the Mariners still want the Yankees to offer more than just picking up his contract?

Steve Phillips: The Mariners seem to be asking for somebody to pick up Washburn's money and to give up prospects as well. although his numbers are OK this year, Washburn got off to a very slow start, but has been much better lately. It doesn't appear that there are teams other the Yankees interested in him, so it will come down to which team blinks in the deal. From what I gather, Cashman refuses to give up talent if he's going to take on the money.


BK (minneapolis): Do you see the Cubs adding another arm in the pen to solidify the absence of Wood?

Steve Phillips: I'm sure that Jim Hendry is talking to other GMs, but they have every expectations that he will be back and healthy soon. I don't expect them to get too crazy in trying to make a deal. I think that is the right approach as well. Pretty big win for the Cubs in the last couple days against the Brewers, in what has been a great series so far.


Sam (Summit, NJ): Do you think the Mets will make a move to bolster their bullpen? To me, that is their biggest need, as the pen has blown way too many leads all year long.

Steve Phillips: I know that Omar Minaya is out there talking, trying to make a deal, but I believe the difficulty he is finding is that he has a couple of premium prospects that you wouldn't give up for a reliever. They have a lot of lower-level prospects, but are lacking in mid-level guys that usually are the key to getting a reliever. It's going to be interesting to see if Minaya can find the right fit.


Ben Oak : Are the A's going to continue the sell off? maybe Huston

Steve Phillips: There have been a lot of teams monitoring Street, but there have been real concerns about his health. His arm angle his lower than it has been in the past, leading to concern about protecting his arm. There is also speculation about trading Justin Ducscherer, their AS starting pitcher. I think Beane will trade for the future even if it means giving up both those guys.


Dan, Chicago: Steve, Do you think the White Sox need to find a starting pitcher before the deadline? Vazquez has been lackluster, Contreras to the DL and Richard giving up an avg of 4.5R/5IP. Apparently Williams doesnt think so.

Steve Phillips: My understanding is that they expect Contreras to be back at some point. It would make it an awkward situation to add a proven starter, because you won't go with a six-man rotation. I tend to agree with Williams that you have to ride it out a little bit longer and wait for your pitchers to come in ana be healthy. At some point, the offense will have to step up and carry the load on days when the starting pitcher is not getting it done. I still believe the White Sox are the team to beat int he Central.


Rich, Jacksonville, FL: Who you believe will move next

Steve Phillips: I think we'll see a run on relievers, with possibly Will Ohman, Arthur Rhodes, Fuentes, Sherrill, and possibly a Ron Mahay getting dealt. There is still a chance of Adam Dunn and Raul Ibanez moving, but I think there is less of a chance of Ramirez or Holliday moving.


Chris, Livonia: Hot rumors linking Jason Bay with the Rays, do you think Bay gets moved? If so who gets him?

Steve Phillips: I don't think Bay will get moved right now, especially after Pitt traded Nady. Bay would certainly help the Rays, as they have been only mediocre against lefty starting pitching. He's a good guy and a good player who fits in nicely in the clubhouse. The asking price is substantial, and I don't expect the Rays to meet the price.


Dusty (Fort Worth, TX): The Rangers seem to have a glut of catchers. do they move any of them? they appear to be sellers in this market, but are alos experiencing a high amount of injuries to the likes of Blalock, Millwood, and Bradley. what do they do? also, the Rangers look like the real geniuses for the TEx trade last year?

Steve Phillips: If the Rangers turned down the Angels offer of Kotchman and Santana last year, then the Rangers lost out on a heck of an opportunity. The Rangers are talking to a lot of teams right now about catching, as there seems to be a real need all around the game. The Rangers have teams interested in a anumber of their catchers, including Laird, Saltalamacchia, Teagarden, and Max Ramirez. It will be interesting to see what the Rangers end up doing, and whether they let the quality of the proposal dictate who they trade and who they keep, or whether they pick the ones they want and make the other ones available. From what I gather, the Yankees, Sox, Blue Jays, and others have inquired about Texas catchers.


roberto (temecula): after adding Mark Teixeira, does it make the Angels a World Series Contender?

Steve Phillips: The Angels were one without him. Because he is better than Kotchman, you have to think they are better now than they were before. It remains to be seen how it impacts their decision-making, but it does add an element to their offense. The Angels have won a lot of close games because of the depth of their pitching, but they have struggled at times offensively. Kotchman was one of their better offensive players, so I don't believe they dramatically improved themselves from where they were.


Gregg (Tallahassee, FL): Brett Myers great start last night.....anamoly or the beginning of a record turnaround for my Phillies' "ace"?

Steve Phillips: That remains to be seen. We'll know more once he beats a better lineup. It certainly is a step in the right direction, but it's hard to know what it means just yet. If he can find a way to get back to what he used to be, it may change the NL East. I'm not convinced he's got any chance of getting back to what he used to be. I think there is still a possibility that he can be better than what he is now. The East will be an interesting race down the stretch.


Taylor (Georgia): Do you think the Sox will resign Manny at the end of the season?

Steve Phillips: I think the Red Sox will not exercise his option, and will just take the extra draft picks when he signs with someone else. They will take the $20 million they will save, and will improve their team in multiple ways. The Red Sox will look different but will still be very good. Just think if they gave the money to Sabathia, and had Lester, Beckett, Dice-K, C.C., and Buchholz. I don't expect that to happen, other than to run up the price on the Yankees, but I do expect them to spend some of that money on offense next year.

Steve Phillips: It's gonna be an exciting 26 hours as we approach the deadline at 4:00 PM Eastern Thursday, and that is an appetizer for an unbelieveable final two months. Hopefully your team is still in it! Have a good week.

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Well, maybe not the last. He still knows way more than most of us hacks :P

Exactly. Anyone on this board who questions Steve Phillips is a joke. He has infinitely more baseball wisdom than anyone on this board. He was once a GM, which is WAY more than anyone here can say.

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