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This is getting ugly:

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Georgia's attorney general has appointed Cobb County D.A. Pat Head to investigate claims that Clayton D.A. Jewell Scott broke the law.

Video:Thurbert Baker Requests Investigation of Jewel Scott

FOX 5's Doug Evans reports.

The man making the claim says he was campaigning against Scott's re-election when she tried to have him arrested.

Brian Hood says he was campaigning for a different candidate for Clayton County D.A. when an investigator for the current D.A. showed up and blocked in his vehicle.

That investigator was Ernest Neismith. This was July 14 -- the day before the general election.

According to a police report, Neismith -- who is also a police officer -- was concerned that Hood had damaged a Jewell Scott campaign sign at the intersection of Ga. 138 and Tara Boulevard.

Hood says he did not.

"No sir, did not knock down any sign whatsoever," said Brian Hood.

For blocking his car, Hood wants Neismith charged with false imprisonment.

Hood's video shows D.A. Jewell Scott arrived with more investigators from her office.

A police report says that the officers called to the scene told her the damage to her sign was old and Hood was not responsible and would not be charged.

Hood now wants D.A. Jewell Scott also charged with false imprisonment.

Then according to Hood, Scott's husband Lee Scott arrived and made a threatening statement to him in front of the police.

Hood also wants Lee Scott charged with making terroristic threats.

Brian Hood says he was campaigning against Jewell Scott because his father -- Donnie Hood, a former Clayton County employee -- had been indicted this year. Two weeks later he committed suicide.

Jewell Scott declined to comment Monday. A lawyer for both of the Scotts says that the accusations are politically motivated, baseless and that Brian Hood has an ax to grind because of his father's death.

Story contents produced by FOX 5 Atlanta WAGA

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Saw this on the news yesterday. It seems like her husband said something to the effect of shooting his azz, loud enough, where the guy and the officer heard it. Man people need to be careful of hat they say. Those threats can be taken seriously.

I saw that too. That's not the kind of comments you want to make when you're in a run-off.

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