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Spurrier takes shot at Clemson sites

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Spurrier takes shot at Clemson sites

Steve Spurrier took a shot at another opponent Tuesday: Web sites that cover Clemson.

The USC coach claimed that someone working for a Clemson fan site has been mailing recruits and sending them articles about Gamecock players having brushes with the law. He didn’t name the site, and the publishers of two Tiger fan sites denied the allegation.

Spurrier opened a news conference by pointing out that marijuana possession charges against Dion LeCorn were dropped on Monday.

“Usually when a guy’s arrested for whatever, that always make the headlines. And the guy that runs the Clemson Web site, he likes to send those articles to recruits all over the state,” Spurrier said after a golf media outing at Woodcreek Farms Country Club in Elgin.

“So I just wondered if he sends the articles about all charges dropped. So you guys that know that dude over there, tell him he can add that one today hopefully when he sends them out.”

Cris Ard, the publisher of TigerIllustrated.com, and Roy Philpott, publisher of CUTigers.com, both denied any involvement.

“I, nor anyone affiliated with TigerIllustrated.com, has ever, ever had any such correspondence, exchange or released or sent documentation of any kind to any prospective recruit or student-athlete,” Ard said.

Philpott echoed that response.

“CUTigers.com has never sent brochures or information regarding anything to any recruit, nor have any of our employers done so, ever,” he said.

Since Dec. 31, seven USC players have been arrested or cited, and charges have been dropped in three of those cases (LeCorn, Kevin Young and Mike Newton). Spurrier pointed out that a men’s basketball player (Devan Downey) also had a misdemeanor charge dropped.

The off-field problems at Penn State were the focus of a story on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” on Sunday, which Spurrier said he watched.

“We’re not perfect here, and our guys have had some issues. But I don’t think we’ve quite had some acts that have happened across the country,” he said. “We’re trying to do better, as are all schools, and hopefully our players will act in a first-class manner.”

— Seth Emerson and Paul Strelow

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Here are some facts: Chris ard is a booster who has got in trouble in the past and is not allowed to interview recruit for the website some time ago. He openly recruits for clemson even though he is not supposed to being affliated with rivals. IMO he was responsible for the packets that were sent out. It is not beneath him doing that.

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Spurrier maintains web accusations

A day after accusing a Clemson Web site of negatively recruiting against South Carolina, Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier maintained Wednesday his staff had heard about someone “out of Clemson” sending packets to recruits containing articles about USC players getting in trouble.

The owners of the two main Clemson fan sites both denied any involvement.

“There was a bunch of newspaper articles sent to several recruits out of Clemson. The word we got, it came from that guy. That’s just the word we got. We thought that’s who it was,” Spurrier said when reached by phone.

“We certainly didn’t think any Clemson coaches would send that stuff. There was just a packet of articles came out of Clemson. That’s what we were led to believe. That’s why I mentioned it, and hopefully I won’t have to mention it again.”

Asked whether he contacted Tigers coach Tommy Bowden about the mailings, Spurrier declined comment.

“I’m not going to comment. I said my peace on that bit,” he said. “Anyway, it’s history.”

Spurrier said he is bothered by the rush to judgment when a player is arrested. Since Dec. 31, seven USC players have been arrested or cited, although charges were dropped in three of those cases.

“We have so many guys, I think the last four have been arrested and all charges dropped,” Spurrier said. “I just wish if you’re going to arrest somebody, make sure the guy’s guilty.”

— Joseph Person

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