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A Different Feel


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I've have not posted in a while, but I wanted to re0enter the frey with a couple thoughts on this upcoming season.

This year feels a TON better than last year. Last year I felt like we were watching the events of a made-for-tv movie unfold. We had a new coach that no one was excited about, a QB who was acting suspect, and all sorts of negative things happening.

This year, I feel like Mike Smith is a REAL coach and a real pro. Chris Redman and Matt Ryan feel (and actually look like) real QB's. Roddy White and and the WR's seem to have promise.

And we have Grady back.

I actually feel like the falcons are a year or two from contending on a regular basis for the first time. And I have been a fan since Neon Deon was in town.

It's a good feeling. :D

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I'm certainly excited about our direction, if not our immediate prospects. I think that this is going to be a rough year due to the massive turnover we've experienced and the issues facing us at quarterback and in the secondary. But I am confident that we have a plan for building this team and that's more than I've been able to say in a few years.


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I feel great about things....about the FUTURE. I understand that it isn't likely for us to be stellar this year...but to think that we are actually building for the long run...that we want to build for years to come gives me hopes for a dynasty...hopes for consistency...hopes for back-to-back winning seasons....in 20 years, I want to look at the Atlanta Falcons as a team of consistency and history...similar to the way people look at Dallas, or Washington, or Pittsburgh or Green Bay.

Go The Falcons!

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I had good feelings when Mora was coaching here. I even thought Petrino was the right choice. I don't wanna jinx Smith.

Yea, I liked Mora at the start. I will admit. But I was not a really sold on Vick. I felt during those years we lacked good leadership. Maybe it was because I worked for Home Depot during that time...

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I have the same good/positive feeling. Mind you, I dont think we're superbowl bound or anything, but I like

the front office (for a change) and the coaching (for a change) and the thing's they're doing... I think Arthur

has learned a few HUGE lessons along the way. Ultimately, winning fills seats. You dont win with glitz

and marketing (although they can fill a few seats on their own). I'll admit that nothing was quite as fun or

electric to watch as Vick running down the field. However, that didn't win games. It sold plenty of jerseys,

but the ticket sales had already begun to drop (the novelty of Mike had worn off). Winning isn't about glitz,

but earned, the old fashioned way, with blood n sweat. I think the overall team has improved. I'm worried

about our OL and our DB. Great coaching and great schemes and top-notch effort on the OL can really

help. Frankly, our DB's are young and fairly fast, but YOUNG. I'm glad DHall is gone; we didnt need his

attitude leading anything on this team, but we'll miss the play making ability. We'll need top-notch effort on

DL and LB to keep the heat off. IF the team, as a whole, buys in to the coaching philosophy, I'm looking for

GREAT things down the road, in the next year or two or three. I couldnt/wouldnt say that the last 3 or 4 years...

Finally, I'm glad ole Grady is back. We really needed that anchor/bull-dozer in the middle. Someone feed

him another burger, will ya?!!!

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