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Dolphins get Terry Glenn

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I'm sure this is another reason for the so called experts to put falcons as the worst team in the league. Im glad dolphins got terry glenn, its like who cares? Dolphins arent going to win anymore games just cause terrys there. Hes old, injured, and probably wont be motivated to end his career in a hopeless rebuilding team.

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2 reasons: -_-

1. parcells

2. miami has nice weather

1. If the Dolphins get good press it is because of Parcells. It's all hype though. I've yet to see any personnel moves in Miami by Parcells that would have me think Big Bill has any greater insight than any other halfway competent NFL GM. (Heck, I could probably improve the Dolphins from 1-15.) The reason we rarely see anything critical about Parcells is not because there aren’t writers willing be critical, but the editors of major media outlets see it in their interest to maintain that the Emperor is not really walking around buck naked.

2. Miami has nice weather? Since when? If you're a enthusiast for hot and humid climates, then most of the year the area is great. But have you ever attended an early season football game in Dolphin Stadium? You could bake bread in the place. Also, ask the high rollers who attended Super Bowl XLI, played in Dolphin Stadium back in Feb. 2007, how much they liked paying thousands of dollars to attend a football game where it rained the whole time.


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