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Better watch the Soy Intake!

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Eating too Much Soy May Reduce Sperm Counts

A Harvard study has found that men who drink an excessive amount of soy and isoflavin loaded products have a reduced sperm count. Animal studies have proven this but there have been few human studies to support the claim until now.

Isoflavins can mimic the action of oestrogen in the body acting as a female hormone and thus reduce a man's ability to produce sperm. Soy is very beneficial to other organs of the body but not to sperm production according to the study.

99 men experiencing fertility problems took part over three months and it was found that those that drank a lot of soy products had 41 million sperm less per mm than the non soy drinking men. The average sperm count is 80 to 120 million per mm.


Glad I'm done.

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