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who's in on a trade for jason bay?


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with chipper on the DL and tex gone there's like no power in are braves line up.

so do we trade for bay?

he would help us greatly with his power and he is pretty cheap so we can re-sign him after the 09 season.

Plus the pirates want lil-brige (who we got from the pirates in the adam L. deal) and brandon jones

and some A ball prospects.

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Honestly I would rather let Brandon Jones play everyday in LF than trade for Jason Bay.

Ideal scenario:

deal Kotsay and Ohman for some pitching prospects, and let Blanco/Anderson/Schafer play some CF, just so we can see what we have.

We can make some deals in the off-season.

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I'd love to see Bay in Atlanta. The only question is how much would he cost and if the el cheapo ownership would actually pay to keep him.

Our ownership isn't cheap. With the 10th highest payroll, we are far from cheap.

Go read Schuerholz's book before you call anyone cheap, and then you might understand baseball economics.

Back on topic, Tampa Bay is reporting that the Braves are out of the race for Jason Bay.

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