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7 on 7


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If we are not doing well in 7 on 7 passing that is a bad sign 7 on 7 you should be completing around 80% of your passes. That means one of two things our defensive secondary is going to be the best we ever had NOT or we are sucking at passing.

agree totally it doesnt matter how good your defenders are they should not stop the offence....there is no pass rush in 7 on 7 drills so the qb has not presure he watches the reciever run the route and hits him....the CBs arent really concerned if the wr catches the ball the drill is meant for the cb to stay in front of the ball ( to not get beat deep)....i dont think ryan will have problems there

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Are you talking about practice? I mean.. we're talking about practice.. Pra-...PRACTICE! Are you kidding me? I mean come on, we're talking about practice..

Whats your source about not doing well at 7 on 7? Were you there? Thanks for input.

his source for 7 on 7 is in sporting news I read the same article! and it does make sence

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