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Look @ our DL combinations.

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Feel free to change things up a little.

1st and 10

Anderson, Babineaux, Jackson, Abraham

-You have a DE better at stopping the run, a DE who is a pass rusher, a DT that can get after the QB, and a DT that anchors it all.

2nd and Long

Anderson, Babineaux, Moorehead, Abraham

-This is a down that favors the pass but the run is still there as an option. Keep the same DE's and bring in Moorehead to give Jackson a much need breather from stopping the previous run. Moorehead is versatile.

2nd or 3rd and Short

Anderson, Moore, Jackson, Abraham

-Highly likely that this would be a running down. Ok, try to get through 718 lbs of DT.

3rd and Long

Biermann, Anderson, Babineaux, Abraham

-Pin the ears back. Put Anderson in Tuck type of role, move him down and bring in the speed edge rushers.

My guess is that we would keep 7-8 Defensive Linemen. Abraham, Anderson, Jackson, Babineaux, Moore, Moorehead, Biermann, that leaves Davis, Tim Anderson, Stanley, Miller, Evans and Fraser. Isn't that right, 7-8?

I think we should have a fine Defensive Line.

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