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Teixeira to Angels per ESPN


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I don't know that Tex wouldn't have signed for less than that. He's already said he wanted to finish his career here and typically players give discounts for that kind of sentiment.

Had we gotten something along with Kotchman worth something then I wouldn't feel so bad about it but Marek is extremely mediocre. It's not so much that Kotchman is "bad" as it is that we didn't get nearly enough, IMO...

He's a Boras client Cap, do you really expect him to stick by those words?

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I think I'll believe the Braves.

YOu can't believe anything that comes out of Boras's mouth.

Well for what's it worth that cam out of Tex's mouth and not directly from Boras's.

I see alot of people that are just totally sold on Blanco. Not sure why. He could turn out to be something great but he hasn't convinced me that he's the type of player that surrounded by other good talent could get us to the next level.

Any lineup that Bobby Cox is managing had better have some power to it because he is a guy that plays for the 3 run homer.

If you don't have a guy in there that can deliver that homer it becomes alot harder to score because it's station to station baseball. We don't run alot and we don't force the other teams to make plays.

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