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Let us go back to U.S.Senators being appointed by the state legislatures


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It is my contention that taxing, spending, and the intrusion on civil liberties could all be ended, and we could restrain the federal government, if we revert back to Senators being appointed by the state legislatures instead of being elected directly by the people.

Senators were appointed by the state legislatures until the passing of the seventeenth amendment in 1913. The problem is this part of the government was intended to be insulated from the people's wrath. It was to be the more deliberate side of congress and not be compelled by the rash and emotional impulses of the people. They were to be immune to the voter's reprisals so that legislation would be determined without pressure, if it was necessary, judicious, affordable, and cost effective. These, to me, are missing in today's law making.

There is the story of Jefferson and Washington having tea.

"His [sir John A. Macdonald's] view of the necessity for a second chamber may be expressed briefly by the story told of Washington, which Sir John was fond of relating. It is said that on his return from France Jefferson called Washington to account for having agreed to a second chamber.

"Of what use is the Senate?" he asked, as he stood before the fire with a cup of tea in his hand, pouring the tea into his saucer as he spoke.

"You have answered your own question," replied Washington.

"What do you mean?"

"Why did you pour that tea into your saucer?!"

"To cool it," quoth Jefferson.

"Even so," said Washington, "the Senate is the saucer into which we pour legislation to cool."

(J. Pope, Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Alexander Macdonald, Ottawa, 1894, vol. II, p. 233)

This ability is now gone. With the Senate directly elected, the Senators can no longer vote for what is in the best interest of our nation. I believe it imperative that one part of the legislative process be able to make a decision, popular or unpopular, without worrying about re- election or party reprisals. I believe in this for the same reason the Supreme Court has such immunity. A measured decision cannot be made under duress.

It is also why I believe that deficit spending has increased exponentially since the change in the way the Senators were elected in 1913. They could no longer put a check on spending. Why? because their independence from the voters and their party were gone.

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US Public Debt

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Besides spending and taxes, maybe the Patriot act does not get passed, maybe, and this one is for the liberals, we do not go into Iraq, if the Senators feel free to act on their own. Maybe there are thousands of pieces of legislation that would have been rejected had we not changed the way we elect Senators. Maybe we would have a much better situation today.

Just a consideration.

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Yes, it is indeed interesting. Why did we do away with it (17th amendment notwithstanding).

For the same reasons the Federal Reserve was created. ;) Absolutely and in all honesty because there have always been those within our government that wanted to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. There are those who have followed these men, some willfully and intentionally, and some who didn't realize what was going on.

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We could certainly make things interesting again if we repealed the 12th amendment. Maybe we'd have more party/candidate options. President Obama and Vice President McCain anyone???

Man, after reading this I had to get out of my chair and look that one up.

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While the idea is interesting I don't believe I would support anything that would further insulate a government official from being held directly accountable. Basically to replace a Senator the voters would need to vote out all state legislaters in order to force change. There's a benefit to directly electing the Senators just like there is a down side.

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