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51 Members Logged In.....?

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Guest Gritz
What's the most people you've ever seen logged in at one time?

Man, I could be waaaaay off base but it seems like when Pus-trino quit on the Birds and the announcement came out there were something like 175 logged in?

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I seem to recall over 200 at one point in '04.

...And then the board crashed.

yeah, get on here during an away game and see how many people are on before the server crashes. Kinda like the old tootsie pop commercial with the owl....how many people can the server hold before it crashes. It was better last year than in years past though.

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cant remember an exact number, but yes when the boards would crash due to too many people.

its crazy how after a loss the boards would just be dundunn

My favorite is after good plays for the Falcons, only a few people comment. When something bad happens, everyone comes in and crashes the board to start topics like "I TOLD YOU HE SUX!"

Sad, really. People are far more anxious to be negative than positive.

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