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Trade Joe Horn for Lito Shepherd

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we would have to give up waaaaay more then that in that trade. probably a 2nd or something AND then we would have to sign lito to a new deal. we need our draft picks. if anything i want to see us gaining more instead of trading them away for injury prone players that want 7 million a year.

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i'd rather keep joe horn...shepherd is a liability now...joe makes the reciever around him aware of how to read play and be aggressive. joe is a player coach.

Joe Horn is just counting the days until the roster is trimmed, and he's on the street.

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Wilth Von Hutchins going down we have no experienced CB. The Eagles don't have any decent receivers. Possibly maybe we can trade

Joe Horn for Lito Shepherd.

Let's hear the pros and cons of this possible trade.

I mean.....****, why not just trade him for Brady? Or Manning? Or perhaps Bob Sanders?

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