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Dawg fans a great write up on Carlton Thomas.


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We realize this is going to sound crazy, but Thomas is a cross between Joe Morris and Barry Sanders in terms of size, style and production. He is undersized, exceptionally quick and possesses outstanding top end speed. He runs big and downhill with explosive initial burst to and through the hole. He is small in stature, but he will pack a punch. He's slippery when it comes to fitting through tiny creases. He has an outstanding blend of speed and quickness. Has great elusiveness in the open field-- stops and starts on a dime. Has tremendous vision and instincts as a runner. Is patient, but shows great burst once he's found his hole. Has exceptional change-of-direction skills and is a tough runner for his size. Will lower his shoulder and does a great job of protecting his body from hits. He has a second gear in the open field and will be able to consistently turn the corner. Will win most foot races. He shows an ability to press the hole and has remained durable-- he doesn't know he's 5'8 by the way he runs. He has huge upside as a receiver once he gets more experience. Is a huge mismatch in space with the ball in his hands. He is a guy that is a short-strider and shows some stiffness in the hips and knees, but it doesn't hinder his ability to change directions. Size will always be a concern and Thomas may struggle on passing downs in protection, but he is a homerun threat everytime he touches the ball-- a true highlight reel.


2007: Rushed for 2,386 yards and 24 touchdowns. 2006: Rushed for 2,283 yards and 25 touchdowns... All-state selection. Also recruited by Rutgers, Arkansas, Iowa...

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