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Was the Grady Jackson Signing Good?

Was the addition of Grady Jackson a good move?  

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  1. 1. Was the addition of Grady Jackson a good move?

    • Yes, we need help at DL and he will plug a hole
    • No, he was cut for a reason last year.

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It says something about our desire to compete THIS year instead

of down the road somewhere. We are not taking the K.C. approach

of breaking it down to nearly a total youth movement. He has to beat

somebody out for a job and that is yet to be seen.

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Is this a trick question thread?

Of course this was a good signing, twofold. It makes our DT situation a helluva lot better and it mends bridge burned by Quitrino when he let Jackson go.

Let me be the first to say Welcome Back, Big Man! Sorry I misjudged you! Quitrino had us all fooled! The punk!

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Two points:

1. Grady wanted to play for us which says something about his outlook on the team or the coaches. Other (allegedly better) teams apparently were interested in him.

2. Notice that he received more interest than Coleman and J. Williams after being out there for awhile. Tells me Piggy let him go for politics after he thought that Trey would fill the spot. Also tells me that we were probably wise to lose two players who don't seem to be garnering interest anywhere else.

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I really don't see how he can't help, all the "D" guys I talked to today seemed to be looking foward to him being there, as one of the guys said "He takes up almost 3 spots just by standing there" Heh :)


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