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Grady Jackson and Rashad Moore


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IF you look at TD and Coach Smith..... Both love BIG DT.... look at their previous teams......

I love this signing because either Jamaal Anderson and John Abraham will get a single blocker sometimes

I agree, having a powerful DT to help collapse the pocket will allow the DEs to get upfield quicker. J. Anderson should benefit from him the most while J. Abraham will be a double digit sack guy as long as he is healthy.

Having G. Jackson back will allow T. Lewis to come back when fully healthy and he can help R. Moore utilize all of his size and strength effectively. The only problem was keeping Grady in the scheme, he always want to make the play.

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Stroud and henderson are 312 and 328.Both are like 6 fot 6,different players really.We need all the help we can get at Dtackle I just dont expect much from grady.Hes a cliche,can he even practice?

well i think what will happen is that coach smith will evaluate grady in training camp and see if he can contribute for the long haul of the entire season. and if smithy does believe that grady wont have a heart attack, then he will be a decent option on running situations compared to our other lousy options we have at DT

just make sure everyone keeps an eye on thomas brown. if grady gets that hungry look in his eyes and hes near thomas, somebody for the love of god scream

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