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Falcons re-sign Grady Jackson


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Flowery Branch — The Falcons and Grady Jackson are back together.

The on-again, off-again relationship with defensive tackle is back on.


Falcons re-sign Grady Jackson

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The Falcons and Jackson agreed to a one-year contract on Monday, according to his agent Angelo Wright.

Jackson, at 6-foot-3, 365 pounds, is one of the biggest defensive tackles in the league. He was with the team last season before being released by former coach Bobby Petrino after the team's 1-6 start.

Jackson and the team had a riff the previous offseason over a defamation lawsuit that was eventually settled.

"It's contingent on him passing the physical and everything," Wright said. "He wanted to be in Atlanta."

Oakland, New England, Jacksonville and Green Bay had expressed interest in Jackson.

After being cut by the Falcons last season, Jackson was picked up by Jacksonville where Falcons head coach Mike Smith was the defensive coordinator.

The Falcons met with Jackson last Friday. He'll bolster one of the team's apparent weaknesses, defensive tackle. For minicamp and offseason workouts, Jonathan Babineaux and Montavious Stanley lined up at the top defensive tackle spots.

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I'm glad he's back, the first sign I had that there was something seriously rotten going on in Petrino's organization last year was the bizarre releasing of Grady. At the time I wanted to believe we were getting our act together so I bought into the whole "he's a lone wolf" thing but now it seems fairly clear that Grady's departure was motivated by something else entirely.

Also Thomas Brown better watch out. With Warrick gone, Gravy needs a new tiny RB to eat...I mean chase.

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