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Maybe Ryan shouldn't start week one. . .

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I know I was one of the pack that was raising heck about Ryan starting week one against Detroit but now I'm starting to think maybe it would be best if he sat for a few games into the season. -_- Give the offensive line a few games to try to get their 'swag' together. Playing Detroit at the GA dome (I believe) week one is definitely a winable game for the Falcons. We need to get off to a fast start or atleast try to and opening up against Detroit is like a gift. ^_^ Redman probably will give us the best shot at winning and starting off on the fast foot. Any thoughts?

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Redman didn't lose quite as many games as Joey did last year, but his lone win was a tight one over Seattle backups. Redman's (.250) pct was a tad lower than Joey's (.375) as well. Sad that all we have to choose from are proven losers as starters w/ career losing records in the NFL. Shockley is at least an unknown at this point since he's never started a game. Hope he makes the team and gets a shot-if we're stuck w/ Shockley/Redman/Harrington w/ the Lions: could be worse...could be opening w/ the Saints or somebody decent.

Maybe Ryan will display all the goods to merit that opening day start...time will tell.

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