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Do the Falcons have a training camp "partner" ?

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I was just wondering if there was another team that they held scrimmages with during camp. It seems like a good idea what the Chiefs and Vikings do. They travel far from home for camp (River Falls, Wisc.) and they get to compete against one another. Also, being away from home and being secluded to camp helps build comraderie.

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We did before (with the Titans) but that didn't went to well so I guess that end it.

Yeah, that was when we made the transition to zone blocking. Apparently the Titans didn't care for having people go at their knees during a scrimmage.

It was effective, but I'm glad we don't use that so much anymore. Yeah, its legal, but a system based off functioning because the other guy has to keep himself from getting injured just seems dirty to me. I realize that its a dirty sport, but that just doesn't seem right.

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