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typical training camp


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Let's see

Babs gone due to death in the family

Abe gone due to death in the family

Von Hutchins sprained foot

J. Anderson Hamstring

McClure ? hyperextended leg?

And just 2 1/2 days into camp

But seriously, my condolences to Babs and Abe and their familes.

how come under your avatar it says your username instead of like, junior falcon, falcon, etc?

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i believe they stay in dorms at the facility

Yes they are 4 to an APT now I do not know what's in an apt. Hey that's a question for J. michael

But Shockley said he roomed with 3 WRs (Horn and 2 others) and they all razes him about "get me the ball"

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cut & paste from falconlike home page

Falcons Hutchins sidelined with foot injury, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Abraham and Jonathan Babineaux will be gone for a few days due to deaths in their families. We all know how tough that can be. John, Babs, our prayers are with you and your family.

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