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Stupid signs or warning labels thread

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When I went to the GA Aquarium recently my ticket said "No fishing poles."

Maybe a joke or maybe they have to check a lot of fishing poles at the door.

They also don't allow gum and lighters in there. I went and when was asked for my gum, I gave the girl a piece. She was not amused.

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A co-worker just returned from China and said there is signage like this all over the place. A bunch of english words that don't make sense. You would think that out of a billion Chinese, 1 would be fluent in English.

You could probably fill up a whole topic with these, but here is a few:




keep out of children! :lol:




So deep... This phrase changed my life.


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Dem Birds what do you have in your sig that makes everyone beneath you post in bold and italics? That's really annoying and it happens in every thread you post it.

I have no idea dude, I just have the sig picture... It's been confusing me too. Maybe because it's centered, I'll change it and see. ...oh yeah, quit crying.

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Yeah, that fixed it... you can stop crying now, Headshot, it'll be alright. :) But there was some extra junk on the end of it that I didn't put there so that was probably it. I thought it was just a weird thing that should my post's to me and everyone else's to them. Cause it made mine stick out a little bit. ...that makes me feel special, I should put it back.

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