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Moon astronaut says we're not alone

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So does this mean anything to anyone? Since I have not seen it covered here: Who believes that aliens have visited Earth? Who believes that they exist or may exist but does buy into the visitations? Who believes we are alone in the Universe?

I think that there must be other life of some form or another out there somewhere. The Universe is just too vast to think we are the only living beings in existence. That said, I don't believe that superior cultures visit Earth every couple years just to anally probe a redneck.

Video of Mitchell interview

Jul 27 - Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, says aliens been visiting the earth for the past sixty years.

A veteran of the Apollo 14 mission, Mitchell also says world governments are aware of the alien visits, but have covered them up.

NASA denies it is involved in an alien conspiracy or cover up.

Andrew Potter reports.

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Guy has probably lost it but I think there is definitely other life out there. In fact statistically it is nearly inevitable with the amount of solar systems out there.

Whether they have been to earth or not is a completely separate story. It would most likely require our whole understanding of traveling past the speed of light to be wrong. Most galaxies are too many lightyears away to ever travel to/from.

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100 billion galaxies...each with 100 billion stars.

They say more stars in the universe than all the grains of sand on all the beaches.

If just a 10th had planetary systems...well you get the idea.

Life is probably everywhere and at all stages of advancement.

In a little more than 100 years we made a hugh jump from the horse and carriage era to the computers and space shuttles.

where will we be in a 1000 years? (star trekish)

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I'm **** sure that there's other life out there besides our own. It would be pretty arrogant and short-sighted to believe anything less.

One would think that God wanted more variety in his ant farm. :P

I'm also of the notion that aliens have visited Earth. They're just smart enough to keep it on the DL.

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