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Not Reading Signatures feature

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Here's a function that is as useful as the "Ignore Member" – a function that empowers the board members to ignore the "signatures" found at the end of posts.

Many signatures can be witty, profound, or a fairly simple display which illustrates something important to the poster. Unfortunately, some posters abuse this feature to print lengthy quotes or display pictures that may run two or more screen displays – for each and every post they make. (For example, awhile back there was one poster who insisted on [in my opinion, pointlessly] displaying large photos of Japanese giant robots.) Well, no longer.

If you wish to engage this feature, follow the below guide:

1. Click on "My Controls" at the top of screen (next to display name)

2. In the "Menu" column, go to the "Options" section

3. In the "Options" section, click on "Board Settings"

4. In the "Welcome to your control panel" section, go to "Board Display Settings"

5. You will see the question "Do you wish to view members signatures when reading topics? (Yes/No).

6. Answer "No" if you wish to ignore other poster's signatures

The downside of this feature is it is all or nothing; either you view all the signatures, or ignore them all. That's unfortunate, since some sigs obviously had some thought put into them and were a pleasure to see. I suppose a user could simply put those who abuse the signature feature on their member ignore list, since these signature abuses are also in their own way trolls.

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