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So, in the migration I lost my old account. It was registered to an old work email, so I obviously could not change my password.

I have registered a new account (from Stewie to Stewie1). I don't really care about post count, but I was in Pure Football and now I am not. Is there anyway I can regain my status to post in Pure Football?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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I'm glad you were kidding, because I was going to have to give you a beat down! :)

Seriously though, I saw in another thread that Sac helped a guy get back in...I may send him a PM. Are you in the same boat?

Sort of. Ive never been in PF but I lost 4000 posts. No big deal but now i got neophytes like SteelerDawg whatever calling me newb. I guess I shouldnt let it get to me.

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Im ********. I cant find it. One of these?

Personal Profile

. Edit Profile Information

. Edit Personal Portal Information

. Edit 'About Me' page

. Edit Signature

. Edit Avatar Settings

. Change Personal Photo

. Change Display Name

Its the profile info... Mybad, It should be your first option. "Custom member title"

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There is no option. See.

Welcome to your control panel

Your personal profile, this section is optional

Your Date of Birth


Your website url


Your AOL identity

huh... It lets me change mine, If you notice alot of people have changed there's. Seems stupid it wouldn't let you change yours but I can change mine.

I guess the mods dont like you very much...

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