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lol@ u being 7 yrs younger than me

lol@ u watching Scooby Doo cartoons & eating Crunchberries when I was diggin out slores & bangin Life After Death (when it came out)

happy bday young'n

hey that aint funny, since im 2 years younger than them, and i liked frankinberries.(sp)

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Besides the Braves losing, but I didn't let it ruin my day

Today was one of the first times I purposely avoided watching most of the game. Baseball isn't supposed to stress you out.

I'm stuffed from the cookout. :D

Nice. I just got back from Longhorn with the family. That steak was killer. :D

Well 1 more year until we are legal. ;)

Yup, I have a feeling it's going to be a long year, though.

Glad you had a great day.

Same to you. ;)

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