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Cotto vs Margarito


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Margarito wins by TKO

Margarito has got to have a metal plate or something in his face cause dude was getting pounded with some shots from Cotto but they didn't seem to faze him.

Boxing wise, Cotto outclassed Margarito in the early rounds, but it all came down to Margarito being able to take a punch (heavy, and often), his endurance, and Cotto not being able to take a punch.


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Cotto out classed him for 6 out of the first 7 rounds. Margarito is a freak. He reminds me of Pavlik. They just keep coming no matter what. Margarito has one of the best chins ever. He was hit with hundreds of sharp crisp power shots. He was completely unphased. Cotto seemed to not really get knocked out, but just crumbled under the pressure Margarito put on him.

That said, Margarito would wear De La Hoya out. I don't think he would beat Mayweather. Mayweather already faced a very similar fighter in Baldomir. I actually think Cotto would come closer to beating Mayweather then Margarito. I do think Margarito would beat anyone else out there though.

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