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Superbowl in 2 years

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The 96 falcons: 07 falcons

W-L 3=13 W-L 4-12

coach fired coach quit

qb kicked off team qb kicked off team

the 97 falcons 08 falcons

W-L 7-9 W-L ?-?

New head coach New head coach

New GM New GM

New QB New QB

Power running back Jamal Anderson New Power running back M Turner

the 98 falcons 09 falcons

W-L 14-2 W-L ?-?

NFC Champs Super Bowl Apperance

What other similaritys do you see?

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We'd have to make huge improvements in literally every area for that to be true. Except maybe LB.

not as huge as you think.

the difference between a 12-4 team and 4-12 team is not that much actually...........a recovered fumbled here, an interception there..........incredibly stupidly lame penalties that were obviously wrong here..... the thanksgiving "roughing" call STILL pisses me off..........but anyways...... made FG here here.....hitting wide open receiver there........................ little plays are what make the difference.

if we can get an extra fumble here and there, kick chip shot fg's, not get stupid penalties called for talking to much......things like that we have a GREAT chance of being areal contender.

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