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Mods:Please set up thread for reporting migration issues


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Hey Moderators:

Please consider establishing ONE place for us to post migration issues/missing items/bugs, etc. You can also use the same thread to post updates on what you know are issues and what the ETA might be for resolution. I think it will help alleviate any stress that arises from the migration (although I did post a couple of 'vent/rants' yesterday just to blow off some steam about migrations issues....sorry)

Example of issues noted so far: my blogs are gone and I'd very much like them back.

I'm also being denied access to PF, when I've been posting there for several months now. While you're at it, you may as well change the Group designation for me and several others who joined PF over the past few months.

I think we'd all like to help make this migration a better message board experience for everyone and my guess is that many of us have similar items to report.


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We have a pinned Bug Report thread.

Also, PM me for your blog information - I have data on everyone's blog, and I can extract it for you. Unfortunately, because of the way our previous provider formatted their database, we were unable to migrate that data.


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