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Smith: Okay, how can I do this??

"Mr. Blank, about my compensation package"

Wait, no.

"Say, Arthur, can we discuss the average NFL Head Coach's salary?"

No way.

Hmmm... Got it!!!!

"A.B. old man,,,,,SHOW ME THE MONEY!!"

Never mind. I'm too chicken.

Blank: Gotta do this with the old Blank smoothness.....

"Mike, some say you're over paid"

No, can't do that to him.

"Coach Smith, do you believe in sacrificing for the team?"

That won't fly either.

How about this:

"Mikey, old buddy, we need to talk denaro"

Never mind. I'm too chicken.

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blank: dang i wish vick was here. joey sucks, dj would be good on my georgia force team, chris is still selling insurance on the side (which by the way i bought some last week on my 1.5mil on my house in buckhead), and matt could be another schaub.

smith: yea, i wish i could work with vick also, but dont let anyone know i told u that.

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A.B.: "what the **** is joey doing?"

Smith: "being stupid as usual"

heh i love this one.. only one I really laughed at. I can see coaches with that "what has joey done bad this time" attitude. That poor kid has gone from the cover of NCAA, the next coming of Dan Marino to lower on the totem pole than our kickers, and thats really a disrespect to the kickers.

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