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I say put Bill Clinton back in and Alan GreenSpan. Obama is gonna tax us, but hey Id take more tax, than more National Debt.

I do not like the debt either, but why are taxes always the anwser? Could we not cut billions of dollars of government waste first. I state this not in jest but what I truly believe. Give a fiscal conservative president, which I must state emphatically President Bush is not, or a Libertarian President the line item veto to use on the federal budget and we would have not only a balanced budget but a huge surplus. I believe you tax only after we have cut the government down to a controllable size and to what is only neccessary.

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You're dangerously close to being the King Of Spam....I'm thinking about putting you....yeah, I'm going to do it.

You've made the ignore list alongside Jigga. Congratulations.

My heart grieves for this wise and mighty man has condemned me....this man of great renown who has spent more time sitting in front of his computer screen and eating doritos than most mere mortals has condemned me......if only every fat slob eating doritos could condemn me then I would feel so disheartened at their mere words I would surely break down and cry for forgiveness.

But I will wait till the full condemnation from the full number of dorito eating posters before I submit myself to message board death.

Lord have mercy on my soul.

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