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Good Feelings

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If you had told me we were going to have the draft we did before hand, I woulda been angry. Somehow, I've really come to like the draft we had. If you had told me we'd have 100% of them signed before training camp, I wouldn't have believed you. Somehow, we do and all of them will be vying for a position on the team. If you had told me our team would have selected 100% first class, good character players, I wouldn't have believed you. But somehow, all of the guys we took have left that impression on me when given the chance. Things are lookin' up Atlanta Fans. I believe in about 5 years, we will have forgotten all about our never having back to back winning seasons, the miracles Vick pulled off and all of the potential he possessed, Petrino, and etc. We have a great nucleus. I say, in three years, we will have found the pieces we need via draft and free agency. Our leader will be Matt Ryan and he will of the Matt Hasselbeck sort. Turner will be regarded as a top 10 halfback in the league and Norwood will be one of the games most dangerous weapons. Ovie will be getting probowl respect, especially when they said we had no offensive line and Turner still had success. Roddy White will become one of the top 10 WR's in the league. Laurent Robinson and Harry Douglas will be excellent in the 2 and 3 WR positions and each will have their fair share of big catches. Michael Jenkins never became a great one, but he will be solid and contribute every now and then. Our TE position will block very well, but our teams philosophy doesn't allow for a probowl, all-star TE. Sam Baker will use his intelligence and strength to fortify the leftside along with Justin Blalock with his intelligence and strength. The center position will be fixed via F/A or the Draft and Dimitroff will do a great job. Tyson Clabo will find a home at either RG or RT and then we will draft the last slot and find a good one. The offense will be a force. The defense will take some work, but I believe our F/O is dedicated to making things tick on D. GO FALCONS!

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I am not too sure that Turner will be a top 10 RB.

I think that he will do a good job, but top 10 is a bit of a reach IMO.

The defense really got some good pieces this year. I think that the DBs have depth. LBs are deep but may need another draft pick to replace brooking. We have DEs but the tackles are needed. The defense is not in poor repair but it is aging at some key positions but we are reloading. we are a season away from having our pieces in place. we will get a big name DT in free agency next year and maybe a safety. I really am not worried too much about the defense going forward.

MIcheal boley and roddy white have to be locked up long term, that may be hard to do for white.

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