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Anti-War Protesters in Winter Soldier 2

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If you want to disagree with the war, fine...by all means, disagree and protest. That is the right that our government and military have given you. But at least have an argument for to back up your position.

Like I said, if you want to disagree, fine, but I draw the line at spitting on the soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. These people in the video below are disgraceful and I am sorry to say that some of them are my fellow Americans, at least by law they are.

This video is disgusting and does nothing to help their movement.


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It is strange to actually see and hear the opinions of these types. You always hear about them, it is quite different to witness them try and justify their despicable conduct and opinions. They have indeed been GIVEN the very rights that they abuse daily, but just because you can and have the right to do something vile, does not mean that you should.

The interesting comparison for me is when you consider what these d-bags contribute to the world around them vs. what the people they protest add. For me it is a difference as stark as night and day. I don't hate these people, I do find them ridiculous and repugnant, and actually hearing their idiocy in their own words only strengthens that view.

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