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Have the Falcons improved? Maybe....


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I keep reading about how the Falcons have improved, which is pure speculation. And that is not the complete story.  When you talk NFL, and the competition, you have to look at whether the other teams in our conference, and particularly in our division, have improved as well.  There are only six playoff teams.  Are the Falcons one of the best six teams in the NFC?

If you have something to contribute about some other NFC team, concerning its outlook and updrading/downsliding, feel free to comment.  I'll lead off with a team I am a bit familar with, San Francisco. 

The 49's do have a good defensive minded head coach in Mike Nolan and with the addition of Mike Martz, the 49's offense looks prepared to take a big step forward.  The O line features some good young talent along with some vets, with a good RB in Frank Gore, some above average WRs and a potentially great TE in Vernon Davis.  QB Alex Smith cannot help but improve under Martz's QB coaching.  Picture the 49's offense as being upgraded.

The defense features Patrick Willis at MLB, a player many of us here really wanted to Falcons to draft last year.  Nate Clements brings All Pro caliber play to CB.  The rest of the defense is a mix of vets and up and coming young guys who are getting better.  Picture the 49'ers D as being upgraded as thier young talent gets another year of seasoning.

Add to this the fact the players on defense have been playing together under the same system and that can make a difference.

Both teams were injury riddled when the Falcons played the 49'ers last year, with the Falcons winning, though not by a wide margin. 

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REV.2000 (7/22/2008)

Ditto, when the season starts and we get  glimpse of our new team for the first time I will give an educated opinion on our team.

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Jigga Donkey (7/22/2008)
doc17mo (7/22/2008)
I will give an educated opinion on our team.

Oh boy, I can't wait for that.

The hilarious thing is that you use terms in the wrong context. Sure you can say educated opinion here but it doesn't really fit. You try way too hard to be edubacated

You exceed all standards at being a jerk though.

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have the falcons improved?

theres really no answer to that. talent wise, no. but i think falcons will win more than 4 games this season so in that sense, yes. thats alot to do with vick being sent off to prison last year and they didnt have enough time to address the quarterback matter, or the entire offense.

saints have improved.

bucs have not improved.

and panthers are probably the same, but will do better this year because delhomme is better than carr or vinny.

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In our division, I do believe the other teams have improved.

The Bucs have a good mixture of youth and vets on thier D and O.  Thier O line is better than last years simply for having a years experience.  Thier D line is one of the better lines in football.  And playing in the same systems for almost a decade on offense, more on defense, gives the Bucs an edge over other teams.

The Saints are better on defense, so they are up and coming.  And they just traded for Shockey.  Thing is will thier running game hold up?

The Panthers had a very highly rated draft, though they will pay for that in 2009.  But for now I look for an improved O line and running attack.  Thier D line has degraded somewhat.  Leaving them in about the same boat as the Falcons, there.

Overall I think the other teams in the Falcons division got better.  I still cannot say about Atlanta.

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The falcons are better, but our division didn't sit on its hands this off season either. We might put a better product on the field and still see about the same record.

Our priorities should be improving from week to week, especially our offensive line play. If we can start winning on the trenches, we might have a shot to run off some wins by mid season.

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