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Saints acquire Shockey


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:angry: The saints game is going to suck

Saints acquire Shockey for draft picks

In this Dec. 16, 2007 file photo, New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey waits during a first quarter time out against the Washington Redskins during NFL football action at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Shockey was traded to the Saints for two draft picks Monday, July 21, 2008, giving New Orleans a disgruntled star tight end who watched from the sideline while injured as the New York Giants surged to the Super Bowl title.

In this Dec. 16, 2007 file pho&

AP - Jul 21, 5:26 pm EDT


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Wrong Forum, but back on topic

Shockey stumbling down Bourbon St is a funny thought beer.gif

He'll open things up even more for the rest of their Off

We'll need to score pts & force turnovers to beat them

Shockey gets injed alot b/c of the style of his play & is always a big inj risk.

He's a loud-mouth who, would be fun to root for

But will be more fun to root against.boxing.gif

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houston-23 (7/22/2008)
he could help them but he will not be a prime target...which will make him wine and he will end up a distraction in the locker room......Hes overated anyway....big deal!!!

When Peyton was the OC in NY, Shockey caught 80 odd balls for nearly 900 yds and won ROTY... He will be a factor, no question about it. The Saints didnt take over his big azz contract to let him run routes all day without getting the pig skin. He is more likely to whine about having to block on certain plays:w00t:

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Nice Weapon to add for the Aints, but I am looking forward to our LB's knocking him in the mouth 2 games a year. Shockey is a great player when focused, but I like the matchup we have against him.......and he pisses me of so I am looking forward to him getting rocked 2x a year by our boys

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definately fills out their offense nicely. im glad they dont have a 2nd rounder next year though.

anyways, theyve been looking for a good TE for a long time so they were bound to get one eventually (i was surprised they didnt get shockey during the draft). that part doesnt surprise me. their offense will be good but i dont expect much improvement from their defense. gay isnt much of an upgrade over jason david imo, both will struggle away from NE and IND (again) respectively.

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