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Vols lineman Jacques McClendon sets new UT bench press record


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Vols lineman sets record with 645-pound lift

By BRYAN MULLEN " Staff Writer " July 17, 2008

That s hard to roll when it s on the ground, Long said. Six-hundred pounds is hard to push. To see Jacques with those numbers is really impressive at such a young age. Now comes the time to be smart and manage him. My stress in my weight room is we re never going to sacrifice weight over technique.

Long said McClendon (6-3, 320) is obviously strong, but there have been flexibility issues in the past. Long is helping limber up the junior by using yoga, which the pair partake in three times a week.

He didn t like it much at first, but he s bought into it and has seen that flexibility was what he really needed, Long said.

Other Vols developing: McClendon wasn t the only player Long has been impressed with during the offseason. He said All-SEC safety Eric Berry has added 10 to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass. Long also pointed out improvements by defensive end Robert Ayers and defensive tackle Donald Langley.

Long and UT s training staff have been stressing certain workouts to specifically reduce knee and shoulder injuries during practices and games.

We did a lot of knee stability exercises and legwork this year, Long said. It s a physical (sport) and someone is going to be thrown to the ground and their shoulder is going to go out. Those are things you can t prevent. But hopefully you can prevent some of them.

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