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isnt it funny how giants won the superbowl


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tiki and shockey are two guys that have been consistantly great for the giants for many years (u would think if giants had a chance at winning the superbowl, that these two would need to be involved)

im not trying to say falcons can be like giants, because no matter how hard ive tried, i cant find a correlation (since giants had a great defense, and they have a good O line as well as a seasoned quarterback)

but im just saying, losing big name guys doesnt mean the team will be worse.

yea we lost vick, crumpler, dunn, dHall, coleman but we also couldnt win a superbowl with them. maybe we needed a change

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formul8or (7/21/2008)
I still firmly believe the Giants were still the 3rd or 4th best team last year.

But yeah Shockey is my least favorite player in the entire league.

I thought it was weird that instead of being on the sidelines during the Super Bowl, even injured, He was in a luxury box. That was pretty lame.

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