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Most hated SEC coaches by opposing fans


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jdu00743 (7/21/2008)
My breakdown:

1. Spurrier

2. Fulmer

3. Saban

4. Meyer

5. Tuberville

6. Miles

7. Nutt

8. Brooks

9. Petrino

10. Croom

11. Richt

12. Johnson

My list:

1. Saban

2. Fulmer

3. Meyer

4. Spurrier

5. Miles

6. Tuberville

7. Petrino

8. Nutt

9. Richt

10. Croom

11. Brooks

12. Johnson

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LawDawg (7/22/2008)
Get get away from this thread... :)

Also, my pick as to most overrated and most underrated coaches are:

Over-rated: Saban, honorable mention: Petrino

Underrated: Les Miles, honorable mention: Croom

Saban is definitely the most overrated.

Good call on Miles, also.

I got flamed originally for saying Meyer was about as good as Miles, and I'd like to change that now.

Miles is actually better than Meyer.

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