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Is autotrader the best website to sell on?


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L.Rover (7/20/2008)
I sold my 1999 Tacoma on Craiglist rather quickly.

But what are the specs on your 4Runner, I might know someone who is interested....

Pretty basic, honestly.

Running boards, CD/Cassette/Radio, power windows/locks, 4 cylinder (gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV).

I'm not looking to rip anyone off...My first time every selling a car and I want to do it fair. All I am asking is the bluebook value; $6200.

Here is the link to the blue book value, which assumes it is in "good" condition.


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jdu00743 (7/21/2008)
triggerman (7/20/2008)
not sure what model you got, but I just traded in a 00 SR5 with 106k miles for 6500, the dealerships are pretty hard up right now

Couldn't I get more selling it privately than trading it in?

Sure you could, but the consumer market might not be there like it once was. Considering all of the doom and gloom. For me it was a no brainer, less stress and certainly 6500 was a fair deal for me, I was in and out no problems. Quite frankly I didn't have anytime to play used car salesman.

I have had fantastic luck selling another car on Craigs list. But Beware of the emails with people who want to buy it sight unseen, and want to get it delivered. These folks are usually "buying" the car for a Nigerian prince or someone of that ilk.

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