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Different owners- cant blame them

Different coaches- cant blame them

Different players- cant blame them

Come on, Whats the real reason why a team that has the record for most losses in a season for a franchise has a super bowl b4 us...Why is it that an expansion team has a better winning record than us..Why after over 40 years in the league we have not one player in the HOF..Why is it after 40 years of draft picks we cant say we have a shoe in for the HOF..What is it about this team that we're willing to settle for mediocre(If we went .500 this year most ppl would be ecstatic- thats mediocre).

I remember when the patriots were the worst team in the NFL and couldnt buy a win..

I remember when the Bucs was the laughing stock of the league.

I remember the colts being an almost guaranteed win on your schedule.

Dont let me start on N.O

Remember when the Bengals **** near had to pay fans to come watch them..

My point is these teams have turn their franchises around..They are at least a contender..

We have never had 2 winning seasons in a row....that is a shame..

IM still a fan, just a lost one....

P.s ....WE had a GM that most ppl in the NFL considered a great mind and could have been the next commish...He went from being our savior to losing his job...thats our history

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Poor choices for GM over the years.

If Arthur Blank could have hired someone like a Bill Polian of the Colts, when he first bought the team.............and LET  HIM  DO  HIS  JOB  without interfering at all, the Falcons would be a top NFL team today.

Thomas Dimitroff will be that kind of GM.

Blank just has to learn to LEAVE  HIM  DO  HIS  JOB, and  STAY  AWAY.

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Atlanta Fan Apathy?  Poor GM's?  ##### poor owners that were in it for the money-whether it was a winner or not?  Abysmal drafts?  Being in the south-College football country?  Ginormous Indian Burial ground?  Horrendous luck?  Fear of Success?  Fear of Greatness? 

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