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Best Bond movie?


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Dem Birds Can Fly (7/19/2008)
I've never watched any before Golden Eye, but out of the ones I've watched, it's easily Casino Royale. I didn't even watch the last Brosnan Bond movie, with Halle Berry. And I'm pretty excited about Quantom of Solice. I like how dark they've become.

I love Daniel Craig. If this next one is good, he'll be creeping real close to Roger Moore for #2 on Bond's.

You really, really need to watch some old Connery ones.

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Headshot (7/19/2008)
jdu00743 (7/19/2008)
Headshot (7/19/2008)
Casino Royale >>>>>>>>

Can't wait to see Quantum of Solace.

Sean Connery>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Agreed, but none of his Bond movies were better than Casino ROyale.

Casino Royale was great, but everything they make today is too "new".

It is impossible to beat old school James Bond. Today's cinema industry just couldn't do it.

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